Saturday 12 Oct


Meet the expert sessions

M01 Hematology

Malgorzata Mikulska, FECMM, Italy

M02 Peadiatrics

Simone Cesaro, IT & Adillia Warris, FECMM, UK

M03 Candida ICU

Matteo Bassetti, Italy & Jean-François Timsit, France

M04 Diagnostics/Laboratory

Michaela Lackner, FECMM, Austria

M05 Tropical

Arunaloke Chakrabarti, FECMM, India & Rita Oladele, FECMM, Nigeria


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Plenary 2 - Highlights on fungal biology

PS 2.1 Candida

Christophe D'Enfert, France

PS 2.2 Aspergillus

Agostinho Carvalho, FECMM, Portugal


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Plenary 3 - One World One Guideline ECMM MSG-ERC (EFISG) ISHAM Guidelines initiative

PS3.1 Mucormycosis

Oliver Cornely, FECMM, Germany

PS3.2 Endemic

George Thompson, USA

PS3.3 Rare moulds

Jacques Meis, FECMM, the Netherlands

PS3.4 Rare yeasts

Sharon Chen, FECMM, Australia


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Sponsored Integrated Symposium 2


Parallel Symposia 5-9

Symposium 5 Lung transplantation


S05.1 Pre-transplant assesment

Blandine Rammaert, France

S05.2 Prophylaxis

S05.2 Current guidelines

Shahid Husain, FECMM, Canada

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Symposium 6 prophylaxis during hematology malginances


S06.1 AML - in the era of FLT3 inhibitors

Russel Lewis, Italy

S06.2 ALL - there is a role for prophylaxis

Daniel Teschner, Germany

S06.3 Personalised medicine / approach by genetic risk factors

Pierre-Yves Bochud, Switzerland

S06.4 Baseline CT upon diagnosis of Acute leukemia

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Symposium 7 Paediatric Mycology (EPMyN)


S07.1 Fluconazole and micafungin dosing in neonates

S07.2 Antifungal susceptibility of paediatric candidemia

Zoi Pana, Greece

S07.3 Primary immunodeficiencies characterized by fungal infections

Fanny Lanternier, FECMM, France

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Symposium 8 Immunologic Markers for Diagnosis and Treatment Stratification in Invasive Mold Infection


S08.1 Anti-Mold Immune Response: the impact of  the host, the pathogen and translational implications

S08.2 Immunologic Markers for Diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis and other invasive Mold infections

Carol Garcia-Vidal, Spain

S08.3 Immunologic Markers for Treatment Stratification in Invasive Mold Infection

Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, FECMM, USA

S08.4 Multicenter Study: Immunologic Markers for Treatment Monitoring and Diagnosis in Invasive Mold Infection

Martin Hoenigl, FECMM, Austria

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Symposium 9 CPA


S09.1 The global burden of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis

S09.2 Diagnosis of CPA. Where do we stand?

Aleksandra Barac, FECMM, Serbia

S09.3 Current treatment options for CPA

S09.4 Future directions

David Denning, FECMM, United Kingdom


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Parallel Symposia 10-14

Symposium 10 Symposium Sensing the host


S10.1 Phosphate acquisition and virulence in human fungal pathogens

S10.2 Hybrid histidine kinases: major sensing proteins in pathogenic fungi

Nicolas Papon, France

S10.3CO2 sensing in fungi: at the heart of metabolic signaling

Oliver Kurzai, Germany

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Symposium 11 The anti-fungal pipeline

Symposium 12 Environment & fungal outbreaks


S12.1 Frogs

Matthew Fisher, United Kingdom

S12.2 Cryptococcus gattii

Ferry Hagen, FECMM, the Netherlands

S12.3 Natural disasters

Tom Chiller, US

S12.4 Genomic sequencing

Marie Desnos, France

Symposium 13 Fungal respiratory infections in cystic fibrosis (the ECMM/ISHAM working Group Fri-CF)


S13.1 Rasamsonia species and other emerging fungi in CF

S13.2 Immunodiagnosis of Scedosporium/Lomentospora infection - lessons from immunoproteomic studies

Andoni Ramirez-Garcia, Spain

S13.3 Bacterial / Fungal interactions in the CF mucus

Free papers

Symposium 14 Teaching Medical Mycology: what, how, to whom and when


S14.1 Mycology teaching in Medical School - How much, what to choose, at what level

Peter Rath, FECMM, Germany

S14.2 Mycology teaching in Medical School  - Is student demography  important to what should be taught

Esther Segal, FECMM, Israel

S14.3 Specific courses outside European Continent – The Indian Example

Ruth Ashbee, United Kingdom

S14.4 Teaching Clinical Laboratory Mycology–How and who is the audience

Katrien Lagrou, FECMM, Belgium

S14.5 The African example

Aude Sturny, France


Sponsored Integrated Symposium 3


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